Uni mannheim master thesis example

The goals of this thesis are 1 to review and systemize relevant academic literature on CEO-to-worker pay ratio, corporate philanthropy and employer ratings, 2 synthesize the literature to shed light on whether corporate philanthropy influences the effect of CEO-to-worker pay ratio on employer ratings, and 3 empirically test the proposed relationships.

For example, this may be useful, if having to decide about increasing capacity. In particular, the implementation of terminal appointment systems has received increasing attention in practice and research.

Lehr­stuhl für Wirtschafts­informatik II

We want to develop technologies that use this data as well as explicit process models to improve process performance and support users involved in the process.

Interest in 3D graphics. Line balancing with stochastic task completion times The line balancing problem assigns tasks to stations in order to optimize the production process of a flow line. The staffing and rostering of customs and immigration officers is complex as available information changes over time with limited possibilities to react.

Based on the numerical study the strength and weakness of the SDA approach have to be identified. Optimization of state-dependent service rates In many queueing systems, the service rate can be adapted to the current workload.

A sensitivity analysis should investigate the impact of different choices of the cost functions.

Examples of Master's thesis topics

Based on the numerical study the strength and weakness of the SDA approach have to be identified. Dominik Wielgos The digital transformation results in significant changes of the business landscape.

This phase can be observed in many real-world applications in which the jobs waiting in the queue are frequently cleared, e. The goal of the thesis is to provide a comprehensive numerical comparison of approximation results by the different versions of the SDA, other analytical approximations and discrete-event simulation.

The student is expected to critically assess the approach of George and Harrison. A policy defines the chosen service rate depending on the state of the system. Generic Thesis Information Leaflet This document contains general information about the format of thesis.

This thesis deals with the optimization of the melt shop schedule of a steel plant regarding energy costs. To coordinate production and material flows in the whole supply chain, the above described production management methodologies of automotive and semiconductor companies have to be aligned, rather than locally optimized per stage.

To analyze this topic, expert interviews or surveys might be conducted. There is the possibility to use already existing research results for this master thesis.

Wireless controllers for example adapt their service rates to the number of arriving data packets. The basic algorithm will be provided to the student, but can be further improved with own ideas.

In order to improve performance by shifting demand from peak to off-peak times, the airline plans to implement a slot booking system for scheduling loading and unloading activities at the truck handling facilities.

Allocation of check-in counters considering time-varying passenger arrivals Check-in counters are the first point of contact for many passengers at airports.

In real life problems this is often times not the case.

Finished Master's theses (samples)

Optimal plans have to balance the trade-off between personnel costs or long waiting times and customers that cannot check-in on time. As an initial step, meaningful test instance have to be created which capture the variety of operating environments of time-dependent queues.

In many cases, these imaging techniques yield 3D models of parts of the human body. In this period, the master student will be employed as an intern in Corning GmbH. A literature review and research agenda Innovative demand management mechanisms have emerged in the past decade to improve the performance of truck handling operations in different areas of application along the supply chain, such as production plants, distribution centers, seaport container terminals, and air cargo terminals.

Sound knowledge of queueing theory, e. Vehicle routing with time windows: The use of sampling necessitates a modified objective function. One important management decision in such systems is the number of agents working at any given time such that a certain service level is achieved.

Especially in service industries e. To analyze this topic, qualitative expert interviews should be conducted. Insgesamt sind bei uns ca. Scheduling with tool changes to minimize total completion time: Besides the model formulation for the considered problem, this thesis is expected to explore potentials and limitations of MIP-based solution approaches by comparing key performance measures and analyze in terms of their robustness.

The available topics for doing a Master thesis at the Software Engineering Group in HWS are described in the MasterThesesTopics-HWSpdf document in the Dateien folder of the Ilias group called Master Thesis (HWS.

Prerequisite. Prerequisite for writing a master thesis at the Chair of Information Systems 2 for both, MMM and Business Informatics, is a seminar in the area IS. Prerequisite for writing a master thesis at the Chair of Information Systems 2 for both, MMM and Business Informatics, is a seminar in the area IS.

It is recommended to do the seminar at the Chair of Information Systems 2. Master Thesis Current Offerings - HWS In the spring/summer semester (FSS ), the Chair of International Finance will offer about 8 master thesis topics in the area of "Empirical Finance" for master students at the University of Mannheim.

Further guidance on the master thesis (e.g., formal requirements) is provided by each chair separately. Questions In case of further questions regarding the timeline or topic assignment process, please contact Fabian Brunner (brunner[at]sgtraslochi.com).

Free Mutual Fund Database. The database is accessible at the University of Mannheim. The candidate should be comfortable with the use of statistical software (e.g., STATA) and have acquired proficient knowledge of econometrics.

Introductory Literature: Boldin, M., & Cici, G. (). The index fund rationality paradox.

Uni mannheim master thesis example
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Master Thesis: Chair of Information Systems II