Undergraduate senior thesis economics

Each question would be the basis of a hypothesis that you would test in your thesis. It must represent a substantial effort in research and exposition. Yet very few studies look specifically at the relationship between environmental policy and health outcomes in California. The schedule below pertains only to your correspondence with the instructor of the honors seminar.


In your second semester, you should narrow down on topic and advisor. It also contains expected changes in inflation, unemployment, and interest rates, as well as confidence in government economic policies.

Do these payments work, or simply change the timing of fertility as some critics have argued.

Honors Thesis

Fall Semester Senior Year Speak with your individual faculty advisor early in the semester to set up a meeting schedule. While we try to honor a student's request to work with a particular faculty member, in some cases it may not be possible to assign a student's first choice of advisor.

The Honors Coordinator will consult with potential advisors to judge whether the project seems feasible and appropriate and also assign an advisor with expertise in the relevant area of interest.

California has some of the most stringent environmental regulations in the country and some of the worst measures of environmental quality. Thesis students have gone to law school, Ph. Estimate a CAPM model using detailed violin data. Find an area of economics that interests you and talk with the faculty expert in that area and have them give you some suggested readings.

Using a hand-collected dataset on drug development activities of U. Know what their area of expertise is and why you think your thesis will be interesting to them. The documentation is online so a student can browse through the variables and come up with some questions that the data can be used to answer.

Some specific ideas for using these datasets: Satisfy all honors requirements in the partner department For all honors thesis candidates: If you are working with a faculty member as an RA during the academic year, you should speak with that faculty member regarding the possibility of continuing your research during the summer.

In other words, undertaking such a thorough research project can be helpful in a variety of career paths. Like other seminars in economics, you will be expected to present your research and discuss the work of other students periodically throughout the year.

Senior Thesis

Data is available on some student characteristics e. Several demographic variables, e. Finally, it includes each respondent's view on market conditions for buying large household durables, vehicles, and houses.

Senior Thesis students please note: Several studies indicate that diversified firms trade at an average discount relative to specialized firms in the same industries Lang and Stulz, ; Berger and Ofek, ; Servaes, Wikipedia, Thinkstock and Tufts University Privacy.

All Columbia thesis writers are encouraged to read it. It is also helpful to discuss potential topics with one or more faculty members. House prices and school rankings.

Senior Thesis

Honors and Prizes Departmental Honors Each spring the department nominates several of our graduating seniors for departmental honors. December Graduates Students scheduled to graduate in December should consult the Honors Coordinator as early as possible, but in any case before the start of the spring term prior to their expected graduation.

It is your responsibility to get this and enroll in the course before the last day to add classes. This is a larger and more complex research project that requires certain advance preparations. The senior thesis is the capstone course for economics majors. It requires both an oral and written presentation.

Students present their theses at a conference of undergraduate economics students from Delaware Valley Colleges. Senior Honors Thesis. If you are a junior, with a minimum of GPA and have enjoyed writing a research paper in one of your economics classes, this might be the right thing for you.

A senior honors thesis is a chance to investigate an idea, theoretical issue, policy problem, or historical situation of keen economic interest.

Honors Thesis

All ec senior thesis writers are required to take an Ec Senior Thesis. Finding a Senior Thesis Topic. Some senior thesis topics come from a student's previous research for a term paper or an experience in an internship. Other ideas come from subjects studied in a course or current headlines.

Senior Honors Program Economics majors with a GPA of at least in the major and have completed a course in Econometrics are eligible to participate in the department's honors program, which involves research and writing a thesis under the supervision of a member of the Economics Department faculty.

Undergraduates Senior Honors Thesis Research Classes for Majors & Undertake a Senior Honors Thesis for Juniors. Many economics majors are interested in making research experience a .

Undergraduate senior thesis economics
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