Product service system design thesis

In most cases, the two applications were strongly related: Companies as CTM Altromercato Consortium, work for improving equity and justice in relation to stakeholders.

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Researching believe short takes expert third of of will from writing The environmental issue, which was understood as consequences of production-consumption activities and their impact on flora and fauna, began to be raised in the second half of the s as the result of mass-growing industrialization Vezzoli, et al.

Surprisingly, economical giants of developed World such as USA, Hong Hong, and Australia are below the middle line due to their high environmental impact. This era also reshaped fashion into multi-billion industry.

As well as other industries, in fashion researchers and practitioners are looking for innovations to support more sustainable manufacture process. Fashion considerably relies on consumers and their demands, thus radical change to the existent model are not so easy to implement Rissanen, In spite of the fact, that idiom is not directly connected to the topic of our discussion, but it brightly frames associations of fashion with empathy.

In emerging and low-income contexts is not only a matter of appropriate technologies which is key important indeedbut even of appropriate stakeholders identification and appropriate interactions and partnerships definition among them.

The sophisticated clothing brand J. Researchers are doing a strong battle to introduce and implement PSSs innovation in the companies and the societies. Instead, separate stakeholder, who work with several organizations all together can provide profit for all interested parties as well as prolong life circle of wipers.

Researcher further argue that evaluation relate not just to design-user cooperation, but also to whole manufacturing process. A more strategic and systematic approach to Product-Service Systems first emerged in industrialized contexts mainly Europeas a business opportunity to decouple value creation from an increase in resource consumption and more generally detrimental environmental impact.

Fashion as an industry has younger history. They have proposed process of empathic design handling in five steps. As also evident from the figure, design process can be conducted visa-versa as well, what defines consideration of feedback in next design solutions. Significance of empathic design as an alternative to the traditional design process was highlighted by Mateelmaki,Black,Crossley,Wenting,Gray, Additionally, people had stable jobs and stable income, thus they could satisfy their monthly needs Colins, Eventually design of physical products also began to discover and implement cross-functional methods and techniques.

In some emerging economies, such as India, implementation of PSS system was presented on national scale and in many aspects changed the way of history.

Product-service system

These factors are often interrelated and reinforced each other, and together they build-up a structure that favours incremental innovations and hinder more radical changes Weber et al, As the result of research, was proposed modernization to the empathic design process based on creation of restrictions on the stage of concept generation, which allows engaging customer closer to the process of design creation.

The thesis focuses on positive examples, but some negative examples are also presented. In addition, authors made significant contribution to the field by proposing range of tools, methods and techniques to apply during different stages of product-service system development Table 1.

Radical changes have to face different barriers they meet in all the different stakeholders part of the system. The cornerstone of the topic, perhaps, was significant interest of UNEP and other Ecological organizations in adopting model in terms of developing more sustainable business United Nations Environment Programme, Mont O.

A study in product-service systems strategies

In order to do that we should move from an economy based on the exchange of products to be consumed e. Radical innovations require a substantial change in culture shifts in thinking models and perceptionspractise changes in habits and ways of behaving and doing and institutions changes in regulations and norms.

Some companies, for examples are economically interested in reducing the energy and material consumption in the production phase, but at the same time they do not have a direct economic interest in extending a product life span as much as possible.


A Product service system (PSS) is a specific type of value proposition that shifts the business focus from selling products to offering a combination of products and services jointly capable to.

Product-service systems (PSS) are business models that provide for cohesive delivery of products and services. PSS models are emerging as a means to enable collaborative consumption of both products and services, with the aim of pro-environmental outcomes.

Empathic design as the basic element of product-service system implementation

Product service system design 1. SerenaTonus 2. - A product-service system (PSS) is a business model that is aimed at providing sustainability of both consumption and production - A product Service-System (PSS) is an integrated combination of products and services.

Product-service system

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A study in product-service systems strategies

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Product service system design thesis
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