Aarhus university master thesis template

The University assumes a non-exclusive, paid-up, royalty-free licence to use, for the University's administration, education and research activities, all software written using University facilities or written in support of academic work at the University. Click here for dissertation hypothesis statement information.

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Apply for Admission to Candidacy and Graduation. For international comparability purposes, the term 'doctoral or equivalent' is used to label ISCED level 8". Update your address with the Graduate College.

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All sources of material in the thesis must be clearly and accurately cited. Find the latest world ranking position for Aarhus University and key information for prospective students here today.

The doctorates in the higher faculties were quite different from the current PhD degree in that they were awarded for advanced scholarship, not original research.

So influential was this practice that it was imported to the United States, where in Yale University started granting the PhD degree to younger students who, after having obtained the bachelor's degree, had completed a prescribed course of graduate study and successfully defended a thesis or dissertation containing original research in science or in the humanities.

Once more a supervisor needs to be utilized on you, so you must produce a new title and problem statement. The degree programme order states that the thesis must document skills in using. Thesis based on a series of publications produced prior to candidature It is possible to submit a thesis based on publications produced prior to candidature.

You need to consider your most important readers, the examiners. All students must complete the Research Integrity training prior to thesis submission. Aarhus University is a comprehensive research and teaching university, placed in the world top in the most important rankings.

The examination copy would include the full article for the convenience of the examiners, but the version available for open access would require the reader to link to the journal publisher to obtain the article.

Thesis Template for Ph.D. Students

It is thesis aarhus university a good idea to familiarise yourself with this and. That began to change as the more ambitious scholars at major schools went to Germany for 1 to 3 years to obtain a PhD in the sciences or humanities. Students may include work they have published generally during candidature in their thesis.


This licence does not include the right to use the software for commercial purposes or to distribute the software to others. In the sciences this could be the experiments which failed. Thesis examination will be done via electronic copy of your thesis from The layout for this version of your thesisis the same as for your very final electronic submission.

The ETD template has been pre-formatted to adhere to the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies’ (OGPS) requirements as outlined in the Preparation of your Thesis guide below. Using this template does not guarantee that your thesis/dissertation will be properly formatted for immediate acceptance into the Atrium Institutional Repository, especially if you make any changes to the formatting.

Masters Thesis Template Computer Science: Masters Thesis Template The Graduate School requires a strict format for masters theses and doctoral dissertations, as these are archival documents stored in the department and at the University.

Consult the Guidelines for Dissertation, Doctoral Project and Thesis Writers before beginning your thesis or dissertation. Download a Thesis/Dissertation template to assist with formatting your work (links to the template can be found in the "Submission Procedures" sections below).

Thesis template. These are templates for dissertations (MSc and PhD) in Computer Science and Engineering at Reykjavík University. Comments, bugs and questions should be.

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Aarhus university master thesis template
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Thesis Aarhus University, Master's thesis